Fritzi Noirhomme was born in Cologne and has lived in Berlin for seven years. Her name is composed of her first name „Fritzi“ and the family name of her mother „Noirhomme“.

Her music is inspired by the soul and folk music of the 70s/80s, to which her mother danced in the kitchen. She herself discovered her passion for jazz and blues in Berlin, where she was initially active in various band projects. After training as a kindergarten teacher, she has been concentrating entirely on her music since January 2020.

She loves to capture the moment surrounding her with words and to let it dance on a melody. An expressive voice, warm guitar sounds and a carrying beat – this is the sound of Fritzi Noirhomme.

In early 2020 she recorded her demo „Facing the Sun“ together with producer Arne Bergner at Popschutz Studio Berlin. With her finished demo she traveled to the United States in February 2020, where she re-recorded three of her songs together with producer David Hilal at Sound Connected Studio in Santa Margarita, California. The recordings were produced by producer Sebastian Konkol in Berlin.




Fridays for Future Demo

Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, Germany


Indian Summer Festival 

Berlin, Germany


Sommerfest im Himmelbeet

Berlin-Wedding, Germany